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Welcome all dragonballz fans to my wikia that is about a series of new chapters of the dragonball saga created by steve cazares and his brothers spike and anthony please enjoy our wikia.

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This wikia is about a new chapter of the dragonball trilogy called dragonball a new beginning it takes place one thousand years after goku defeats omega shenron and it`s about his descendants living on earth fighting enemies new and old while training and living with there loved ones. later in dragonballz a new beginning begins showing the sequel of dragonball a new beginning revealing goku,vegeta,gohan,and piccolo`s descendants living on earth in the region of silver now as teenagers and later young adults while battling new and powergul enemies. later in the sequel to dragonballz a new beginning dragonball GT a new beginning reveals the descendants of the z warriors as adults and living with there new families while both training and battling incrediblely powerful enemies.

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